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Yamaha YZF R15
Yamaha on, the machinery to launch a spectacular launch and kisses, the pure racing instinct is disappointing, although the road in India there is a huge expense. However, the Yamaha YZF R15 has a certain unique charm, its advanced technology and every other racing cyclists and bike enthusiasts beauty was born. See this bike was built with the Yamaha R series family, but the machine Yamaha YZF R15 and exhibits perfect harmony between the rider.

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Yamaha YZF R15 is also India's first all-aluminum cylinder liquid-cooled 150CC ATV engine. Yamaha YZF R15's cylinder technology is used in DiASil (die-cast aluminum, silicon), effectively reducing the engine weight, and enhance the cooling capacity requirements. Yamaha YZF of the R15 is a compact heat sink to ensure greater stability for a ride, while both the city streets or riding. This sets the engine of the pick up is awesome, it has a six-speed gearbox. It is the acceleration at low speed only about good. Yamaha YZF R15 will be to achieve maximum power transfer in 8500 of 17 PS and a 15nm of torque at 7500 rpm.

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In addition, the minimum mechanical noise from the engine. Yamaha YZF R15's use of a forged piston and 4-valve combustion chamber, which is another brilliant performance of his secret. Fuel injection systems, designed to deliver optimized fuel efficiency and emissions standards and environmental protection. 40kmpl fuel efficiency on the road in India. Incremental increase in single-frame chassis and suspension of its rapid emergence, and provide the best stability. Tubeless tires, as this can reduce the friction and riding a Yamaha YZF R15's. Motorcycles also ensure that the various safety standards.

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